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I love helping out people, that's just who I am (Honest!) so when Lady GarGarGarona from PVERogues asked me to help her out with this wonderful contest I just had to help a damsel in distress (kinda...). All the info you need is in the following message:


The Cataclysm: First Impression!

It has happened, Deathwing finally showed himself and showed us exactly how pissed he is! While this change was to be expected it's still a bit odd to log into a world that you're not used to. Since past Wednesday I have done nothing else but questing and trying to get Loremaster for both Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor (and than Cataclysm Loremaster later on). I thought it would be a good idea to write down my thoughts about the drastic 4.0.3a patch! This will be short but I'm planning to write something more detailed once I'm done in Eastern Kingdoms!


One Final Journey... Goodbye Azeroth!

My brother and I took the time to log onto our numerous characters and enjoy the World of Warcraft one last time! Tomorrow morning 4.0.3a will be applied to the European servers and Azeroth as we know it will be lost forever... I have played Alliance for as long as I can remember (with the occasional Horde alt). Here are a few screenshots that I had to take before the big change, just to keep some kind of memory...

Last words... Knowing a bit of Horde lore makes this even more difficult...

An empty seat... Symbolic?

Poor Blancy... Every Alliance player knows this old steed but... everyone meets his end at some point... Poor Blancy! For some odd reason I'm really going to miss this one...

The mighty Bronzebeard, I heard his daughter is coming home with a message that not every father loves to hear...

Someone shared me a link on Twitter which I have to post... Again I'm not Horde player by heart but still... Cairne Bloodhoof Tribute

Happy Shattering everyone!


What Can I Do When There Is Nothing Left To Do?

Thats the question that went through my mind every day for the past few weeks. This counts for both the blog and WoW itself, I have been trying to write a post for today but it always ends up in deleting stuff because I can't seem to motivate myself...

So instead of writing several posts at the same time I decided to make one post with all the mini idea's I had for the past few days. Just to make sure there is enough for you guys to read and think about!


Azeroth is in peril! Or at least that's what I've been told. The final act of the elemental invasion is in place at major cities all around Azeroth and we are fighting to protect innocent citizens from certain death! I saved Ironforge and Stormwind ones and I killed all the bosses but I found myself bored again pretty fast.. The bosses are just a buffed version of the original ones and they are pretty tank'n spank if you ask me.


My Wrath of the Lich King...

The Wrath of the Lich King has ended, both in storyline as in expansion. When I look back at everything I've gone through I can't actually say that this expansion was a failure. It feels kind of awkward to leave this continent, mainly because I've spend most of my time playing WoW in Northrend (I started playing a few months before Wrath's launch). Wrath of the Lich King was a big change for me as a player, I used to do some PvP and level alts but nothing serious. When Wrath kicked off I decided to try the PvE side of this massive game. A few bloggers have written posts about their Wrath of the Lich King experience and now I'm going to do the same!


Meet Icetooth...

Void didn't feel like going into Cataclysm without at least finishing one big achievement in Icecrown Citadel. Bane of the Lich King needs more time than we have but at least we got out Frost Wyrms :)!

*while being inspired by Feraltree, I had to name the poor thing so... here is Icetooth :)*

A Closer Look At Efflorescence!

Efflorescence has taken quite a punch in one of the latest Beta builds. The healing done has been halved and developers have set a 6 man limit on the healing. There has been a lot of feedback from Beta that there was way to much AE healing done by every healing class (even more now that that every single healing class has one or more ways to produce some AE healing). And since a lot of encounter require a raid group to stack up in order to spread out the damage, a lot of healing was done by AE abilities (think green ooze on Putricide).

From what I've read I can understand that Blizzard does not want this at all, AE healing should be situational but not a response to a certain mechanic. AE healing should be a decision between A) how many people will my heal hit and B) wouldn't it be cheaper on mana to just use single target heals. This was not the case on Beta and therefore Blizzard nerfed every healing class in some way so that AE feels and it less powerful (but still useful?).


Starting Fresh: Hellfire Ramparts!

Yes, I know and I'm sorry! It took me a lot longer that I first thought to get to level 57. A lot of people are just waiting for Cataclysm to hit and therefore the random dungeon system on my server is a bit slow plus the fact that I hate a few of the later "classic" dungeons... Currently my Horde Druid is level 61 and has done just over 200 quests. So the main experience factor has been dungeons (which was the plan from the very start).

I'm going to try a new approach in my Starting Fresh series. Just to make it a bit more readable or organised! As always I'll review a dungeon in a Druidish healing point of view, I'll tell you what you should look out for and what gear you should try to get. I'm going to try to make this useful even for people without bind on account gear so that everyone has a change to find my writings useful! Before you might ask yourself the question, I will not go over any heroic content because this is sort off a levelling guide in dungeons.. I guess :)!


Shared Topic: Home Sweet...

Another interesting idea popped up on BlogAzeroth, this time it came from Sionel! The question was simple, do(es) your character(s) have a home? A place where you always log out or just something that fits into your RP style? I'm not the biggest RP player around but it is something fun to try and form a story around what is happening to your character (Cataclysm for example). When it comes to a "home" I wouldn't say that Moonra has a special place to log out. My hearthstone is set in Dalaran because it gives me easy access to pretty much any kind of area I would like to go with him. This however does not mean that there aren't places in World of Warcraft that I simply adore... Let's see...


Five Cataclysmic Changes!

It's the final countdown nanananaaaa... euhm.. ok! Cataclysm is closing in on us, the World of Azeroth is already seeing some of the major problems that are waiting to strike. While most of us are helping out the Horde or the Alliance others are still worried about their favourite class. Change has struck all classes in World of Warcraft and it's vital to know what exactly is going on with your class! I thought it would be a good idea to sum up the five biggest changes that I've seen for us Restoration Druids and of course how they changes our class (for ever?).


Restoration Druid Guide, Slice and... euhm.. Slice!

People who have me on their feedreader will have noticed but I'm slicing my guide into different bits and I've created links to those separate posts on my guide's page which you can find just under the RestoDude header. The main reason why I have done this is because a lot of people have been asking me to offer links in the table of contents bit so they could easily jump back and forth in my guide. Sadly enough I do not have enough knowledge about html code to do this so I thought I'd fix the issue this way.

I have no idea how this will affect feed's, I could be that it shows every time I tweak some small things and if so I'm very sorry for bombarding your feed! If you happen to find anything thats bugged, missing or annoying let me know! -> E-mail <-

Now lets get a cup of tea...