Closing Shop...

It's been very hard for me the last new months to keep going with WoW, my guild hasn't seen me in decades and while I have a few idea's for my blog I just can't find the time to work on them. Therefore I have made the hard but needed decision to pretty much close RestoDude.

I'm going to keep the blog up with the guide and I'll try to adjust it as Blizzard changes things, I'll also "try" to make gear lists for Resto like I have done for the previous raids, but everything else is going to stop. RestoDude started out as a small project and became a very loved hobby so writing this is very hard on me but what can I say, RL goes first :).

I want to thank everyone for reading and supporting my blog and I hope that via twitter we can still stay in touch! Good Luck everyone, love you all.

Moonra out...


4.2 And WTF?! *Renewed*

Quick and small post on what I saw and witnessed on Mmo-champion today. I'll try not to spit my opinion about our Tier 12 "Druid" set as it is obviously a mistake from Blizzard and they forgot to mention that it is a late april the 1st joke... (I hate it) *renewed* (I still hate it, but less than before)

Symbiosis (Mastery) has been removed and replaced with Harmony. Harmony increases direct healing by an additional 10%, and casting direct healing spells grants an additional 10% bonus to periodic healing for 10 seconds. Each point of mastery increases each bonus by an additional 1.25%. Healing Touch, Nourish, Swiftmend, and the initial heal from Regrowth are considered direct healing spells for the purposes of this Mastery. All other healing from druid spells is considered periodic
I'm not sure what Blizzard is up to, they probably hired new folks and said "instead of taking the piss on Paladins, lets bully Druids!" If you're a Druid thats mainly healing tanks than be happy, because this will obviously boost your output by a lot! If you're a raid healing Druid (like me, myself and I) than I feel for you...

It's not that bad for raid healing Druids (although for 25 man this sucks) and it places Nourish in a very important spot (cheap heal that we can throw around to apply the HoT buff) but the fact that we need to CAST to have good HEALING OVER TIME spells sounds absurd to say the least.

The old tricks like using Wild Growth before you pop Tranquility or using Rejuvenation as a power-up for almost everything else that follows will be a thing of the past. In general this will nerf our output, because now we'll have to sacrifice a ~2 second cast to benefit from our Mastery one ONE person, instead of just using Wild Growth or a few Rejuv's to gain a boost on MULTIPLE people.

Gg Blizz...

So it seems that my quick reaction and probably also the fact that english isn't my first language got me on the wrong side of things. So instead of applying a buff on the target (which I thought it would do) Harmony give you a buff that increases both casts and HoT spells by X%. This ends up being a boring but decent buff to our mastery (that is changing for the second time now).

For 10 man raiding this could be a tiny nerf/buff depending on what you do. Tank healing wise this can be a buff, because the mastery gives you 10% extra on casts so you can drop Empowered Touch, and use Lifebloom's bloom more efficient. It also doesn't need you to reapply a HoT to get decent healing on casts if you would lose all your HoT on your tank for some reason, meaning that it is easier to pick up the healing again. If you intent to heal like you have been doing than this is a tiny nerf (cause the new harmony adds 1.25% per mastery, current one adds 1.45% if I'm not mistaken, so you'll get less power our of your mastery.) While raid healing this is a buff, because you don't really need one HoT to make another one more useful, because they all are as long as you cast or use Swiftmend ones every 10 seconds, which should be impossible to miss :).

In a 25 man setting this is probably works the same for tank healing as it does on 10's, for raid healing it's again easier because you don't need Wild Growth to buff Rejuv or Nourish or whatever spell you'd use after. I don't raid 25's so I can't really find anything else that could be different from 10's, besides the fact Harmony will have a lot more effect that Symbiosis would (cause Symbiosis is better for small groups).

I would also like to apologise for my quick (and faulty) post, I tend to make up my mind about stuff pretty quickly and scream blood and murder while there isn't really much to worry about. I'm still young, I'll learn... :)

On a side note I would like to thank all the people who commented showing that I was terribly wrong, however Blogger seems to had a very bugged few days and all recent comments have been deleted. Blogger promised to get all the lost comments back by the end of the weekend so fingers crossed.. I also removed the tags on this post as they were bugged as well.



It has been a while since I posted but RestoDude has lived through it's first year in the blogosphere! Now I know that the last few months have been pretty dead (RL is tense to say the least) but I have decided to keep the blog online even if I can only write ones every few days/weeks. RestoDude had a very rough start as I knew nothing about blogging or how to get a blog to be noticed but thanks to some help from "the big fish" out there it was only a matter or time before my blog meant something :).

RestoDude really exploded when 4.0 hit the servers and I had finished my guide (which still has to be updated on 4.1). Since that day I have had over 130.000 pageviews and they are still doing up pretty fast :). The guide alone was responsible for more than half the views! Aside from this I also scored a few blogposts that made it on wow.com and had several requests if my guide could be translated and posted on forums around the world.

Blogging has been and still is great to do (you just need to find the time for it :P) and I hope that I can continue to do so for a long time, even if it is at a slow pace!

Thank you all for reading and commenting!

Much love, Moonybaby!

(keep in mind that I am always up for questions or chats on Twitter! or e-mail.)


Restoration Review! How Does Druids Perform Compared To Other Healers

Cataclysm is going hard! And most people have mastered a (several) class(es). But how are Restoration Druids doing compared to other healing classes? Here's how I see "my class" and how it fits in the big picture.

Personally I think that Druid's have drastically changed compared to Wrath or even TBC, while raiding I noticed that I take the responsibility as a tank healer (while in Wrath I hated it). We don't have the tools Paladins have but with our HoT's I believe we still have an advantage in heavy movement fights. But then again Disc isn't so bad either with those "all absorbing bubbles of win!" I haven't played on my Shaman yet but they probably have something awesome as well that Druid's could use... Let's compare, let the battle begin!


Blackwing Descent, Restoration Loot!

Last one (for now!) :), here's a list of all the potential good/great loot for Restoration Druids!


Incineratus: Very nice main hand weapon! And easier to get than the mace from Cho'gall!
Scorched Wormling Vest: Very nice chest piece although the Tier 11 chest is better if you're aiming for the 4T11 set bonus.


Security Measure Alpha: Very nice ring and it drops often! :)
Passive Resistor Spaulders: Best in slot shoulder piece, yet I have never seen it drop *cry*


Jar of Ancient Remedies: Personally I believe that Restoration Druids should only loot at +Intellect trinkets but this might be worth a try.
Leggings of Consuming Flames: Probably the best pants besides the Tier 11 Moonkin pants or Tier 11 Restoration pants if you're aiming for the 4T11 set bonus.


Helm of the Blind Seer: The Tier 11 one is better but this works if you're not farming Nefarian yet!


Manacles of the Sleeping Beast: Best bracers around! If these drop you should be all over them :)


Tier 10 Helm Token: Best helm piece in the game! go go go! :)
Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King: Although it has an awesome name, I would advice to got for the dagger from Magmaw or the mace from Cho'gall (if you prefer an main hand/offhand setup)
Belt of the Nightmare: Wildhammer reputation belt is better.

Good luck with the drops!


Welcome To 4.1! The Build V2!

Everyday more and more information gets revealed about the next big patch 4.1. When the patch hits I'm going to change my spec quite dramatically! A while back I wrote about what I saw as the best build to get when raid/tankhealing in raids, but that's all going to change now :)!

A few crucial changes are Efflorescence that will become a smart heal, and instead of healing everyone it will then heal up to three people (who need the most healing) for an amount far more desirable that a mere 500 heal a second. Another change to Efflorescence is that it will no longer require Living Seed (yes! fuck yes!) so that's going to be dropped in 4.1! One final change is that Nature's Swiftness, aside the fact that it makes your next spell instant, will increase the "healing" by 50%. The spell that you use with Nature's Swiftness must be a healing spell to gain this benefit!

Besides the obvious Restoration change I am also going to drop Furor, I'm getting a lot of feedback about my mana regen being to overpowered (I never run out of mana these days) so it is time to cut back on the regen talents and to start investing into brute force! I'll be doing this with Blessing of the Grove (yes it isn't that good but still, it's worth it) and Genesis. I might switch the two points in Moonglow over to Furor but I believe that Moonglow is better in therms of mana. There's also a part of me that is considering to drop Tree of Life, but then where would I spend that one point :).

Small blog post I know, I'll try to do my very best to get RestoDude back on track but real life is very busy so again, I apologise!


Throne Of The Four Winds, Restoration Loot!

As I summed up all the loot in Bastion of Twilight (and thanks to the many comments I noticed how much loot I left out...) it is now time for the most confusing loot providing place in whole of Uldum.. You know, the windy place! These items are very very rare because you have so many version of each armor type that the chance of you getting one of these is very slim. Good luck though!

(screenshot from Wowhead!)


Gale Rouser Belt (of the Undertow): +380 Stam, +232 Int, +160 Haste and +160 Spirit. Sounds like a dream! OR..
(of the Wavecrest): +380 Stam, +232 Int, +160 Mastery and +160 Spirit. Not as good as the haste one but still...

Planetary Band (of the Feverflare): +285 Stam, + 190 Int, + 126 Haste and +126 Mastery. OR..
(of the Fireflash): +285 Stam, + 190 Int, + 126 Haste and +126 Crit. OR..
(of the Undertow): +285 Stam, + 190 Int, + 126 Haste and +126 Spirit. OR..
(of the Wavecrest): +285 Stam, + 190 Int, + 126 Mastery and +126 Spirit.


Sadly and to my surprise Wowhead does not have any loot on this boss while I know he drops a lot of crap that is never really useful for me... When I looked up the chest that contains the loot on this fight I only found four bits (mail, plate and a ring) which don't fit my handsome elf thing. I am truly sad...


Bastion Of Twilight, Restoration Loot!

Loot is everything (joke....) and I thought it would've been a good thing to quickly sum up all the good bits you can (hope) to find in Bastion of Twilight! I will also try to make a post like this on Blackwing and Throne of the Four Winds!


Wyrmbreaker's Amulet: Best in slot necklace with +Spirit on it!


Drape of the Twins: Best cloak in the game for us so far!
Valiona's Medalion: Nice necklace but without +Spirit, beware of the mages burning your twigs after you win this one.


Scepter of Ice: Good offhand but might not be "the best", because the off-hand you can get from Justice Points ain't bad either! *beware: cold!*
Hydrolance Gloves: Very nice gloves! T11 ones are better though.


T11 Shoulder Token: Pretty obvious :)
Signet of the Fifth Circle: Haste and Mastery but no Spirit! This ring fits 10man content raiding more than it does for 25man because of the mastery.
Twilight's Hammer: Very nice main hand to have!
Fall of Mortality: I think this trinket has the same average spirit as the Valor Point one BUT it does not require you to "click" it = win!
Treads of Hideous Transformation: Good slippers but the Valor Point ones are better!


Shared Topic: When should you let someone die?

A shared topic over at Blog Azeroth by Ecclesiastical Discipline got me to thinking about a simple yet needed question as a healer: When do I let someone die? It's a simple question yet it sometimes takes a second to make the decision and then you'll wonder, did I make the right choice?

Letting someone die can point out several things. But the first thing you need to ask yourself as a healer is who is more important in the group? In progress fights people will die, but as a healer it is your job to help the group get past the encounter even if it's only a part of the group who's alive at the end :)


Efflorescence V2...

Everyone loves forum QQ and trash in the mornings! A very HoT topic at this moment is the changes to Efflorescence on the 4.1 PTR. Besides the obvious visual effect there seems to be a change in how the talent works as well. The general idea is that it no longer heals everyone in the green zone but rather heals one person every second for seven seconds. This "should" be a smart heal so that the person with the lowest health benefits from this heal, this "HoT" will probably also switch targets if it's main target is no longer the lowest hp person inside the green zone. As always on the forums you have two big parties that start an endless battle of "who is the biggest whiner" or "you are wrong, I am not". Lets drop the forum crap and actually focus on Efflorescence!