Levelling and Gearing in Cataclysm as Resto?

As always in a new expansion you’ll have to get all your characters back at the maximum level while trying to farm some decent gear along the way. Personally I like levelling but only if I have to do it ones, my alt's are going to have to wait! Not that I have so many... Only my Shaman ever reached 80 and I actually played on her after hitting max level.

With the new dungeon system it will probably be less painful and far more rewarding than it was before, I never did a single dungeon while levelling to 70 or 80 on Moonra simply because I wanted him to reach the maximum level as soon as possible so I could start working on him gear and on my professions.

The current random dungeons between 70-80 reward not only quest like experience and a good bit of gold but also Triumph badges, which made me wonder if this will be the same case in Cataclysm? This system makes the random dungeons far more rewarding! Although doing your quests rather than running a dungeon is faster experience, the amount of tokens you have saved up when you do hit 80 should be enough to get yourself one/two epic slots.



Healing Touch: Healing Touch or 'HT' has a slow cast time and costs a lot of mana but heals quite a lot. This spell is mainly used when Nourish is to weak to keep people alive or you just want to fill up health bars a bit faster.

Rejuvenation: This is our first and main HoT spell (Healing over Time). Rejuvenation or 'RJ' has a duration of 12 seconds, healing every 3 seconds. RJ is mainly used on wounded group members but not on people who need some health fast.

Regrowth: This is a hybrid heal, it is also our quick heal. Regrowth or 'RG' has a 1.5 second cast. It heals your target for a decent amount of health and leaves a HoT effect on that person, healing him for a duration of 6 seconds, healing every 2 seconds.

Swiftmend: This is an instant heal with a 15 second cooldown. It needs either Rejuvenation or Regrowth to be present on your target to work, casting Swiftmend or 'SM' will consume the HoT on your target (unless you use Glyph of Swiftmend).

Lifebloom: Another HoT spells which can stack up to three times on one target. Lifebloom or 'LB' has a duration of 10 seconds and heals every 1 second. Once the spell ends it duration it will bloom, healing the person it was applied to. LB is mainly used on one tank.

Nourish: this is our cheapest cast. Nourish or 'NR' is used to give people a small bit of health without wasting to much mana. NR is also more effective if you use it on someone who already has a HoT, this makes NR heal for 20% more!

Wild Growth: This is our smart group heal. It heals 5 targets over a duration of 7 seconds, healing every 1 second. Wild Growth or 'WG' will target people who need healing the most and has a 8 second cooldown. WG is mainly used when a lot of people are taking damage.

Tranquility: This is our big group heal. Tranquility or 'TQ' is mainly used as a last resort heal when a lot of people are taking massive damage. It heals up to 5 people for a decent amount and leaves a small HoT effect on them which can stack three times.

Revive: This is our main resurrection spell. It has a 10 second cast and brings one dead group member back to life! This spell can only be used when you are out of combat.

Rebirth: This is our second resurrection spell. It has a 2 second cast time and brings one dead group member back to life! This spell CAN be used while in combat but has a 10 minute cooldown duration. Use it wisely!

Nature's Swiftness: This is one of our emergency heals. It's very useful to macro this spell with Healing Touch so that you have an instant heal when needed. Can be used with any spell cast to make it instant. 3 minute cooldown.

Remove Corruption: Our major cleansing ability. This spell can also remove magic effects on friendly target if you have Nature's Cure (See talent section)


Tree of Life: This spell transforms you into a Treant. Tree of Life or 'ToL' has a 3 minute cooldown and increases you healing done by 15% and increases your armour by 120% for 25 seconds. It also changes how a few spells work.

  • Regrowth is now an instant spell.
  • Lifebloom can be applied to more that one target at the same time.
  • Wild Growth heals up to seven people instead of five. (unglyphed)
  • Wrath has its cast time reduced by 50% and does 30% more damage.
  • Entangling Roots is now and instant spell and does twice the amount of damage. 
(Keep in mind that Tree of  Life also increases your damage a lot, this combined with the bonus given to Wrath can make Tree of Life a nice cooldown when healing isn't a requirement but some extra damage could help on an encounter! Wrath spam ftw!)


Entangling Roots: This spell is our first crowd control ability. It has a 2 second cast and roots an enemy into place for 30 seconds (damage can break this effect). Don't try to use this spell on casters unless you can move out of their line of sight after rooting them.

Nature's Grasp: This spell is a defensive ability that automatically casts Entangling Roots on an enemy that hits you, up to three roots can be cast. I mainly like this spell because it is instant and it allows you to keep healing while it roots enemies into place.

Cyclone: This spell is our second crowd control ability. It has a 1.5 second cast and it banishes an enemy for 8 seconds (damage can NOT break this effect). I main use this spell on mind controlled group member so that they can't do anything but don't die either.

Hibernate: This spell is our third crowd control ability: It puts one enemy to sleep for 40 seconds (any damage done to that target will awaken it). You can only put Beasts and Dragonkin into hibernation.

Barkskin: This is mainly a tanking cooldown but can be used to lower any type of damage when healing as well. This spell also allows you to cast or channel spells without push back making it ideal to use when you need massive healing without being interrupted. 


Fearie Fire: This spell adds a debuff on an enemy target, lowering his armour points by 4%, this can be stacked up to three times which then lowers the enemies armour by 12%. It doesn't help us with healing but it makes some dps hit harder!

Sooth: This spell removes an enrage effect on one enemy target. This can lower the healing needed on the tank!

Thorns: This spell is a small buff than you can apply to anyone within range. As a healer this spell can help a Tank gather enough aggro on enemies. This spell is very useful when a Tank needs to control larger groups or pick up newly spawned enemies!

Mark of the Wild: This spell is a buff that increases strength, agility, intellect and stamina with 5%. This buff is applied on yourself and anyone in your group, lasts one hour. Mark of the Wild or 'MotW' does NOT stack with Blessing of Kings that Paladins have.

Innervate: This spell restored 20% of your total mana when used on yourself or someone else. This spells has a 3 minute cooldown. I would advice using this spell early so you can use it again later in the fight if you would need it.


Talent points and making sure that all your talents work together is the very basis of creating your own personal style. Making the right choice is vital if you want to perform at your best in PvE content! I will try to give you a deeper look into our talent tree and I'll try to answer any questions you might have.

When you select the Restoration tree you will be able to gain a few bonuses that are going to be vital for you as a healer! To activate this bonuses you simple have to spend one talent point in the Restoration tree but you will not be able to spend points in any other talent tree until you have used up to 31 talent points in Restoration. Then you are able to pick up additional talents in either Balance, Feral or even both!

The bonuses gained when choosing Restoration are:
  • Swiftmend: See Spell Section
  • Meditation: Allows 50% of you mana regeneration gained from spirit to continue while being in combat
  • Gift of Nature: Healing increased by 25%
  • Mastery: [level 80] Symbiosis: Increases the potency of your healing spells by 10% on targets already affected by one of your healing over time spells. Each point of Mastery increases heal potency by an additional 1.45%

Blessing of the Grove: [tier 1] Blessing of the Grove or 'BotG' adds 4% to one of our main raid heals. This talent can be very useful as a starting Druid if you decide to level in dungeons, as Rejuvenation is one of our first heals.Also useful at high level.

Natural Shapeshifter: [tier 1] Reduces the mana cost when you try to shapeshift up to 20% and it increases the duration of our Tree of Life spell by 3/6 seconds. You'll need this for Master Shapeshifter!

Naturalist: [tier 1] This talent is actually the first very useful talent for Restoration. It reduces the cast time of both Healing Touch and Nourish up to half a second. This talent is great for both levelling Druids and top level raiding Druids!

Heart of the Wild: [tier 1] Heart of the Wild or 'HotW' is mainly useful for the 2-4-6% increased Intellect it offers. This will both increase your mana pool and your Spell Power plus the benefit you gain from Replenishment and Revitalize!

Perseverance: [tier 2] Decreases magical damage taken up to 6%. This is mainly useful in PvP but serves us well in high magical damage fights.

Master Shapeshifter: [tier 2] This talent increases our healing done with spells by 4%. You need two points in Natural Shapeshifter in order to be able to pick this talent. Low level Druid might want to skip this one for more useful talent as their level.

Improved Rejuvenation: [tier 2] This talent increases the healing done for both Rejuvenation and Swiftmend with up to 15%. Mandatory for all serious Restoration Druids! Increasing the healing done by Swiftmend also increases the effect of Efflorescence!

Living Seed: [tier 3] This talent put a small buff on anyone that received a critical heal from you. Living Seed has a 15 second duration and healing the person for up to 30% of your critical heal when that person gets hit.

Revitalize: [tier 3] This talent will be our main mana restoring utility. This talent restored 2% of your total mana every 12 seconds. Revitalize will also cause your Lifebloom to proc a Replenishment buff, Replenishment restored 0.1% of your total mana every second for a 15 second duration.

Nature's Swiftness: [tier 3] See Spells section

Fury of Stormrage: [tier 3] This talents makes your Wrath spell free and gives you the chance to cast an instant Starfire when attacking an enemy with Wrath. This talent finds it's use in PvP or boring dungeons where you don't have to spend 100% of your time healing.

Nature's Bounty: [tier 4] This talent increases the critical strike chance of Regrowth up to 60% and allows us to reduce the cast time of Nourish a lot, this enhances the use of Nourish as a quick, single target raid heal.

Empowered Touch: [tier 4] This talent increases the healing done by Healing Touch Nourish and Regrowth. Each of these spells will refresh any Lifebloom stack that you have on your target.

Malfurion's Gift: [tier 4] This talent gives Restoration Druid's a chance to proc Omen of Clarity (since 4.0.6. healing spells no longer proc OoC without this talent). Also decreases the cooldown on Tranquility by up to 5mins!

Efflorescence: [tier 5] This talent allows your Swiftmend to create a healing circle on the ground which heals 3 people in it for up to 30% of the amount healed by Swiftmend every second for 7 seconds (affected by +Haste)

Wild Growth: [tier 5] See Spells section

Nature's Cure: [tier 5] This talent adds a 'remove magic' to our Remove Corruption spell. When raiding you should consult your fellow healers to see who will be in charge of removing magic effects. There no point in taking this talent if you have others dispelling.

Nature's Ward: [tier 5] This is a mainly a PvP orientated talent but can be useful in PvE content as well when you have talent points to spare. It gives you up to a 100% chance to cast a free Rejuvenation on yourself when you take damage while being under 50% health.

Gift of the Eathmother: [tier 6] This talent adds an instant heal to your Rejuvenation (up to 15% of the total periodic healing) and increases the 'bloom' effect done by Lifebloom up to 15%.

Swift Rejuvenation: [tier 6] This talent lowers the GCD on your Rejuvenation by 0.5 seconds. Remember that +Haste Rating also lowers the GCD, you cannot however go below 1 second. If you have a massive amount of haste you might want to consider dropping this talent.

Tree of Life: [tier 7] See Spells section


Furor: [tier 1] This is probably the only nice talent for Restoration Druids that you will find in the Feral tree. Furor's main use for us would be the increase of out mana by 5-10-15%. This means that the effect from Replenishment and Revitalize also increases.


Nature's Majesty: [tier 1] Healing over Time spell now benefit from +critical chance. This talent gives you 4% extra chance to heal for 150% of the normal value of your HoT!

Nature's Grace: [tier 1] While this talent looks like a main dps talent it does give you the chance to proc a 15% +Haste bonus (which can be useful) and allows you to reach further into the Balance tree for Moonglow or Genesis.

Genesis: [tier 2] This talent gives up to 6% more healing done by our Healing over Time spells and Swiftmend. This talent can be an option if you have enough talent points free to go this far into Balance.

Moonglow: [tier 2] This talent reduces the mana cost of all our spells by up to 9%. This talent can be an option if you have enough talent points free to go this far into Balance.


If you are wondering, Moonglow is better for mana regeneration/preserving mana compared to Furor. From the point where you have a massive mana pool untalented (around 140-150k mana) Moonglow will stay better, after this mana pool breakpoint Furor "might" take lead.


Standard 4.1 build!

Build: Very optimal but standard build for 4.1, has everything you need and nothing of the stuff you don't need to care about.

Low Regen 4.1 Build!

Build: When you don't care about mana regen that much, probably the highest output build available!

These two builds are the main builds for 4.1, one that gives you regen and one that gives you output, there are other builds that work but those are the ones that I'll be using to raid!

(Talent builds reflect your personal style a lot, you don't like mine? I don't mind and you shouldn't either! Play with your talents and see what fits you best!)