Restoration Druid Guide

Welcome to my Cataclysm guide for Restoration Druids! I've worked hard to update my old guide with all the changes that were applied during the last few months of Wrath of the Lich King (patch 4.0).

For those who don't know me let me introduce myself. My main character is called Moonra and I'm a RestoDruid on Lightbringer EU (Alliance). My main focus is PvE content and this guide will also be written in a PvE point of view. Although some information might be helpful for PvP as well, I just don't know that much about PvP (because I hardly do any...).

I have written this guide in order to help old and new Restoration Druids with understanding their class and so helping the groups that they will heal in the future. This guide has been build up from nothing, everything you see are my thoughts and idea's as well as those of several other Restoration Druid bloggers around the world. If you see or find anything that I wrong/outdated or you just have a different idea about it then please do not hesitate to let me know!

I've spend a lot of time creating this guide and I had a lot of fun doing so. I hope it can be helpful for you and I hope you enjoy reading it!

  1. SPELLS: In this section you'll find every Restoration Druid spell and a description. The Spells section is divided in Healing Abilities, Shapeshift, Defensive/Crowd Control Abilities and Other Useful Spells
  2. TALENTS: In this section you'll find a description of every single Restoration Druid talent and a few talents in both Balance and Feral. You'll also see a small explanation of our Mastery bonus and a few talent builds that I have worked out myself.
  3. STATS: In this section you'll find an explanation of what effect each attribute has for Restoration Druids.
  4. GLYPHS: In this section you'll get a description of every possible Restoration Druid glyph available.
  5. TACTICS: In this section I'll share a few of my idea's and tricks that help me in doing my job as a healer!
  6. ADDONS: In this section I'll review a few vital addons for healing in general and offer a link where you can download these programs.