Irony And Warcraft... Tis A B*tch...

Yes! I am still around! I know that I have been neglecting RestoDude a bit lately but that's because of of two main factors.
  1. My guild that I love and appreciate, which means that I have to raid every single day possible to kill kill kill those nasty bosses! (10 out of 12 on normal now, Al'Akir be warned...)
  2. Real life that's changing quite a lot (new job) so that includes lots of tears on one side and lots of paper work on another...
However recently I did get something in WoW that I have been looking for for a long long time. It is probably the best mount "EVAR" and it fits the Druids class quite nicely. Yup, you've guessed it, I was waiting for a raid invite when I thought "let's solo Anzu again, you never know". A Feat of Strength followed that idea rather fast :)!

The rather iconic part about this is... People don't really use ground mounts anymore... Which is a bit... Lame...

It is still the most awesome mount you can have if you ask me :)!

(side note: Miles... You are awesome!)