Are YOU Ready For Raiding?

When I have the time I try to take a more detailed look at my analytic program that is linked to RestoDude. One big part of it is checking what people actually look for on Google when they get redirected to my blog. This is very important because you know what goes on in the mind of your readers and what questions they might or might not have! Something that has come up a lot recently is how you, as a Restoration Druid, know that you’re ready for the real deal? There isn’t really a real “mark” that you need to reach before you’re ready for raiding but there are a few points that I can advice people to get before trying to group/tank heal!


Do You Have What It Takes... Heroic Stonecore!

People say that heroics are hard, that’s not really true. You just need people with a functional brain and you should be fine! When people say that Stonecore on heroic is hard well… it is! Heroic Stonecore is a brilliant mix of mechanics that make some fights seem impossible and I’m not talking about bosses only, even the trash makes me pull my hair out at times… I believe as a healer in blue gear, you cannot call yourself a “good healer” before you have healed through this one, mainly because of that “bedspring” (Corborus). Also as a tank you get tested if you're made out of the right stuff! Ozruk is impossible if you're tank (and dps) fail to understand a few mechanics. My first run into "The Stonecore: Heroic" took about 3 hours and I felt it was special enough to write about :)!


The First Of Many...

The first boss is down! Magmaw is said to be one of the hardest AE healing fights, main tactic considers two tanks or one tank with insane healing... we did one tank because... well... we only had one online :). (Go go Void healers!)

Damn great fight! I'm still sssss... sssshaking!

I think we as healers earned us a cookie, over 8 minutes and nobody went out of mana :)! Next: Omni-thingy!

Raiding In Cataclysm: Guild = Team!

Let’s say you bought Cataclysm on release day, you installed it and directly started to level like a maniac. You reached level 85 in less that 24 hours play time and you begin to work on your professions, you figure out your talent build, complete quests and run normal dungeons to get into heroic etc. etc. At some point you’ll be ready to wipe on the real deal, the whole reason why you levelled your character in the first place, you want to start raiding! However at that point you find out that you’re one of the few in your guild that is at that stage already and suddenly you hit a boring phase where you have to wait for others in your guild to get raid ready.

I was the first level 85 in my guild and not shortly after my “ding” a few others capped their level as well. I’m very proud to say that Void has been very very team friendly in order to get everyone raid ready although it surprises me that not every guild has done this (at least those that I would expect to try and raid as soon as possible). Here’s a few examples of how my guild prepared for raiding!


RestoDude On Your Mobile!

Blogger recently launched the option to view blogs in a more mobile friendly setting, I didn't hesitate to unable this option because I find it very annoying when I want to read stuff on the bus and a certain blog isn't loading or it's hard to nativate etc... I must say this option is still in it's Beta phase and I have no options so far to change stuff like design. So I'm very sorry if you're experiencing any kind of trouble while surfing RestoDude on your mobile phone!

The address is still the same (at least it should be), just type Restodude.blogspot.com and enjoy the setting :)!


Gearing Up And Preparing For Raids!

Once you've hit level 85 the real game begins (I hate levelling up, that's maybe why I have so few high level alts). One of the biggest parts in World of Warcraft is probably gearing up characters to execute a certain roll within a group or solo play. Nat from Nat's Twee House has formed up a wonderful list with Restoration Druid gear that I have followed ever since I stepped into heroic dungeon content. However there is more to the whole gearing up bit than just farming the right slots! I hope this small post can heal people get where they want to be to get into the raiding scene :)!


Let's Do This Sh*t, Heroic Style Baby!

I know that I have been neglecting RestoDude a bit but to be honest I have been waaay to busy going the Cataclysm things. While I'm still far from finished I thing it's time to give a small review on how I see heroic dungeons and what you should expect as a Restoration Druid!

First of all I want turn to Blizzard and look very very sad. I have always been against the whole gearscore frenzy but now even out big creators are using it to put a certain barrier up. At this point you need a 329 average item level to be able to enter all dungeons but I don't see why.. The first heroic I tried was Blackrock Caverns, my luck couldn't be any better that day because I ended up joining a very skilled guild run. I quickly explained that it was my first heroic and that I was sorry for any kind of future mistakes, of course they didn't mind and knew that this would be a learning process (something you can expect from decent guilds = nice attitude). Back to the ilvl thing, the first two encounters were easy... the first one needed a bit more coordination but even so, I don't believe you need 329 average to get the job done... The Third one (I'm really bad with boss names) was a damn right hard fight, the tank got pounded, AE damage all over the place. After one wipe the guys from Echo changed the original plan a bit and we got through it (they even said I was the best healer they pugged with so far, nice confidence boost!). We didn't down the hound (it seems this is one of the hardest bosses on heroic..) and the last bit was a pushover. This shows that the gearscore is a bit bullsh*t, one fight can be to damn easy while the next one feels like impossible?


The Cataclysm

Here's a full review on how I see 4.0.3a and the changing of the World of Azeroth! I'm going to be completely honest with you all, for me it's really hard to focus on the blog right now because I've waited for something exciting to do for ages! Now all the new achievements been brought in I feel like I don't have enough time left to get them all before Cataclysm launch (while almost everyone else can't wait to get it!). This could be an apology as well as a warning because when Cataclysm does launch I feel that RestoDude might drop down on my priority list (I can get quiet devoted when it comes to levelling and gearing).

Now let's talk Cataclysmic! I have been pushing Moon through all the "old" area's to get both Loremaster achievements and currently I'm sort off half way through Kalimdor. The changes are massive in some area's while others are more or less the same. Here's a few major points that deserve some attention!