Gearing Up And Preparing For Raids!

Once you've hit level 85 the real game begins (I hate levelling up, that's maybe why I have so few high level alts). One of the biggest parts in World of Warcraft is probably gearing up characters to execute a certain roll within a group or solo play. Nat from Nat's Twee House has formed up a wonderful list with Restoration Druid gear that I have followed ever since I stepped into heroic dungeon content. However there is more to the whole gearing up bit than just farming the right slots! I hope this small post can heal people get where they want to be to get into the raiding scene :)!


An important part about gearing is of course knowing what is more or less useful for your class! Restoration Druids now have a choice to either gear towards tank healing or raid healing, there is a small but important difference between both.

  • Raid healing: Intellect > Spirit > Haste > Crit > Mastery
  • Tank healing: Intellect > Spirit > Haste > Mastery > Crit

The reason why +Mastery Rating is more important for tank healers is mainly because how our mastery works! -> Symbiosis <-

As you can see you NEED a Healing over Time spell applied so your next spells gains benefit from the mastery. This is more the case while tankhealing (Lifebloom should be on the tank for 99% of the encounter duration). While as a raid healer you'll have situations where you can benefit from our mastery but there will situations where it is useless, therefore +Critical Strike Rating gives us more "juice", Also a critical heal is extra healing that didn't cost you any extra mana :)!

Someone asked me today what the current haste cap is, to be honest I have no clue, all I know is that it's unreachable (at this time?). Try to reach at least 12.5% Haste Rating (thats when Rejuvenation gains another tick).


I personally wouldn't reforge every item I find, I only reforge crit/mastery into haste. There is very little reason to try and gain Moonkin gear (that's what I call non-spirit-leather-caster stuff) and then trying to reforge haste/crit/mastery into spirit because the amount you can reforge will be to low to get your spirit up to a decent level. Remember that you can only reforge into an attribute that isn't on the current piece of gear and you can only reforge 40% of a single attribute!


I know a lot of different people have different thoughts about this but I'll generally follow these simple rules:
I hoped this post can help some people out :)! If you have your own idea's or would like to share a theory please do so! I don't know everything there is to know, I'd love to read what other people think!

Happy grind everyone, don't forget to sleep :)

(Instead of posting a copy of my guide you can find enchanting and talent builds in my Restoration Druid Guide! Keep in mind that it changes as I discover things to check regularly)


  1. Thanks for this post! I really liked your straightforward explanations.

    One thing, did you mean "Artful Ember Topaz" (mastery, int) or "Reckless Ember Topaz" (int, haste)? "Deft" is agi, haste according to WoWhead at least...

  2. Deft Ember Topaz is agility/haste. You want the int/haste one, right? :)

  3. Good write up! Thanks.

    One point though, I think that instead of "Deft Ember Topaz" (Agi/Haste), you meant to link the Int/Haste gem, right?

  4. yes! I meant 20Int/20Haste, must've copied the wrong one from wowhead my bad! I'll add the correct link when I get home tonight!

  5. Haste cap is 6403 haste without the 5% buff, or 5489 haste with it. I don't think we'll ever be seeing those kind of numbers.

  6. nah don't think so unless blizz goes crazy with the tier levels again like in Wrath :), although I can't seem to find a lot of +haste gear so far, more mastery/crit