Win A Non-Combat Pet Contest!

I love helping out people, that's just who I am (Honest!) so when Lady GarGarGarona from PVERogues asked me to help her out with this wonderful contest I just had to help a damsel in distress (kinda...). All the info you need is in the following message:

Do you fancy winning a non-combat pet from the Blizzard Pet Store? Well today we are launching the start of our fantastic new competition where you could win any of the following non-combat pets:
  • Pandaren Monk
  • Lil' K.T.
  • Lil' XT
  • Moonkin Hatchling (if available then)
  • Lil' Ragnaros (if available then)

This competition is to celebrate two key things. First of all it's to celebrate the launch of Cataclysm and the winner will be announced on the launch day of Cataclysm itself so you could be the lucky reader who finds this expansion pack comes with an extra little treat!

Secondly we want to celebrate the one year anniversary of the blog and want to thank all of our readers and twitter followers out there for their continued support and basically just dropping by and saying hello! We are hoping to expand even more with the launch of Cataclysm and the more readers we get the more we will be able to bring quicker updates, more research and competitions like this one to all of our valued readers.


The rules for this competition are simple, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter at PVERogues and tweet "I want to win" then the name of the pet you want to win followed by: at PVE Rogues! #PVERC01. For example:

"I want to win a Lil' KT at PVE Rogues! #PVERC01"

Don't have a twitter account yet? Sign up with Twitter here and join us!
Remember it's very important you include #PVERC01 in your tweet or we wont be able to find your entry. Once you have tweeted your contest entry just sit back and wait for the results. The competition will last from 30 November to 7th December and winners will be announced on the 7th December. Participants must remain as followers of PVERogues on Twitter for the duration of the contest but you are under no obligation to stay a follower when the contest is over (even if you won).

Throughout the week we will be tweeting our latest Cataclysm related blog posts and sharing everything we find out about being a rogue at level 85. However, you don't have to be a rogue to enter, you just need a twitter account and that's it.

Each participant will be assigned a number and the winner will be drawn through an in game /roll with witnesses. We will then announce the winner in the blog and via twitter so make sure you stay tuned!

If you are the lucky winner you can claim your prize by sending us a direct message tweet telling us your email address that you want the pet on. (Don't worry we wont tell anyone your email address and we won't use it for anything else).

Good Luck and Happy Tweeting!


  1. small copy/paste error in the dates... corrected *ashamed..*

  2. Nah it was prolly my own typos =o

    Thanks very much Moonra! :D I owe ya

  3. Oh.... I just noticed you said Lady Gargar again... I think that makes us even automatically! =o lolol

  4. Damn sure you owe me! You just sold your soul to the devil girl muahaha!

  5. Not possible I already gave it away willingly to aura (im pretty sure hes a high level demon irl)

  6. Just entered the contest! :) I'm new to the blog but am subscribed to the RSS and will visit whenever I can.

  7. just subscribed as well!hope i win this time something special for cata!
    3 expansions came and eventhough i tried months ago i wasnt able for one more time to get a collectors edition expantion set :( hope this makes my little disco tree happy!but anyway i really like your blog keep up the good work!

  8. One day left! get it while it's warm! :)

  9. Sorry guys the winner has been announced as Lakofsleep, post on the winner can be found here: http://pverogues.blogspot.com/2010/12/in-game-pet-winner.html

    Good luck in the next one guys!