Shared Topic: What's In A Name?

With all the Beta/PTR madness that is going on these days I have to admit that I have been slacking a bit on my non-Druid-ish posts. So let's change that for today! The fourth of October means a new idea is been launched for this weeks Shared Topics on Blog Azeroth, this time it's from Llani from Pocket Heals!

The topic of this week was a question of what special or hidden meaning/message one (or all) of you World of Warcraft character names has. Well I'll have to disappoint you all because there is very little mysterious about my mains name :) however the reason why I choose this name has some kind of a story linked to it! So I think this is a good opportunity to share it with you...

Back in the day, about 4-5 years ago, I started playing World of Warcraft. However I did not play on what I like to call the 'official servers'. I played a Paladin on a funserver or a 'Blizz-like server'. These were set up and hosted by people like you and me and most of the times they were very, very bugged! I can't really remember the name of the server but I was in a guild called 'Guardians of Life' and it was one of the bigger Alliance guilds. Guilds on funservers has Guild headquarters with all kinds of stuff to level professions, do little PvP tournaments or just to hang out and have a chat. GM's (I believe the Alliance ones was called Navi) would than pop up at any given time to ask if we needed more stuff in our HQ (you had to pay gold to get it).

Guardians of Life was set up by Dutch two brothers, Moonstrider (paladin) and... Moonra (hunter). And since I was playing on a daily basis I had found a few nice friends in that guild. My little brother who was also playing on the same server and was set in the same guild had a few friends at school that were playing on Lightbringer, this is where it all began...

After a while my brother was getting bored of bugged quests (you had times where you basically had to grind mobs for xp to get up one or two levels because all the quests where bugged out). And he decided to make the big jump and made an trail account on Lightbringer EU. I can tell you right now (and you probably already guessed it) that he never returned back on the funserver.

After a while people in Guardians of Life started to make the same decision, they hard RL friends playing on 'official servers' and they wanted to join them. So in that change over I decided to join my brother on Lightbringer.

I have never been good in leaving a guild that I loved so much, and the memories of GoL stayed with me up to this day (I still have screenshots). On Lightbringer I had some trouble in finding a class to level up *again*. Until I decided to make a Druid on Alliance, his name was already in my mind. I wanted to make a token for all the memories I had on that funserver so... Moonra was reborn!

I think that the 'real' Moonra is currently playing on Azjul-Nerub EU as a Night Elf hunter (like he was on the funserver) but I never got to the point to create a level 1 on that server and ask... Which maybe I should? Any ways as you can see my main's name isn't a name found in any mythology or history book but more like a token that reminds me of some really nice people and fun times!

I thought I still had some screenshots but my old pc got it's hard drive wiped clean so they're all gone...


  1. Good story! :) Like the name too. I've been playing that long but never really got into the naming junk. I guess I'm just not that amazing with creation, lol. My mains name is Maven, he's a rogue troll who used to be a BE male..then BE female.. I named him after the womans Wakeboarding team. Clever right? =p My secondary toon is Sunbella, BE Pali female tank. She is named after sunwell and all that good stuff :)

    Love your bloggin' <3

  2. I never realised how good your blog was Moon. :)