Levelling As Feral!

Last night I did some research to see what traffic I get from google, to my surprise a lot of people are interested in starting a new Druid and levelling up in dungeons. Since a lot of those ‘google’ers’ are looking for Feral info I thought I would be a good idea to write a small bit on it, Druids come in many flavours :).

The first advantage would be that you’re less dependent on your mana, Bear form relies on rage like Warriors while Cat form relies on energy and combo points as Rogues do. This means that when doing a dungeon you won’t have to spend time drinking to fill up your lost mana.

The second advantage is gear, if you’re levelling as Balance/Restoration you’ll be forced to roll on cloth gear and some mages, priests and warlocks don’t take this the friendly way (I don’t care about whiners, armour doesn’t make you hit harder or heal faster but not everyone is like me) When you roll feral you want to focus on stamina, agility and attack power. As Bear you’d want to try and some get stamina/strength with defence rating, a good option is the rewards you get in satchels by doing random dungeons.

The last main advantage would be that if you focus on Bear form (tanking) you’ll still be able to dps as Cat and if you focus on Cat form (dps’ing) you’ll still be able to tank. But both option decrease as you gain talent points. (A fully tanking specced Bear won’t be doing the same damage as a Cat Druid and vice versa). This also means that you’ll be able to solo some harder quests because you have both a tank character and a dps character in one!



As a tanking Bear Druid you’d want to go for lots of stamina and agility (stamina gives hp and agility gives dodge/armour). If you get the chance to get rings, a cloak or a necklace with stamina, strength and dodge/defence then equip it :) (strength gives attack power which then provides more threat, dodge rating and defence rating will also provide pure dodge, but slightly more than agility)

As a tanking Bear your focus will be on ‘rogue gear’ and surviving is more important that killing stuff!


As a shredding kitty you’ll be focussing on stamina, agility and attack power gear (similar to Bears) agility will give you both crit and attack power. So this means that you’ll also focus on ‘rogue gear’ but more to do more damage (rings, cloaks and necklace should also have agility, attack power, crit, … ). Stamina doesn’t matter that much but it helps if you’re using Bear form from time to time.

Cat Druids should focus on ‘rogue gear as well, you’ll want to focus on damage dealing talents/gear and less on survival.


I levelled as Feral and it’s very enjoyable, I had the feeling that each talent point you pick adds even more fun :) I hope you enjoy Feral as much as I did!

If you have any questions please let me know by sending a mail to resto.dude@hotmail.com


  1. This wasn't suppose to launch but with all the 4.0 confusion I kinda lost track of my scheduled posts... Anyways enjoy it, I'll adjust it if needed!

  2. I leveled my main druid as feral as well and it was super fun! Mainly just tanking instances and stuff (going all the way from Stormwind to Desolace from Mara was a pain!). I'm currently leveling up another druid (feral, of course) and i'm having a blast. :D Great post!

  3. Well thanks to leather specialization not using cloth does give booms and (ex)trees a benefit.