Levelling and Gearing in Cataclysm as Resto?

As always in a new expansion you’ll have to get all your characters back at the maximum level while trying to farm some decent gear along the way. Personally I like levelling but only if I have to do it ones, my alt's are going to have to wait! Not that I have so many... Only my Shaman ever reached 80 and I actually played on her after hitting max level.

With the new dungeon system it will probably be less painful and far more rewarding than it was before, I never did a single dungeon while levelling to 70 or 80 on Moonra simply because I wanted him to reach the maximum level as soon as possible so I could start working on him gear and on my professions.

The current random dungeons between 70-80 reward not only quest like experience and a good bit of gold but also Triumph badges, which made me wonder if this will be the same case in Cataclysm? This system makes the random dungeons far more rewarding! Although doing your quests rather than running a dungeon is faster experience, the amount of tokens you have saved up when you do hit 80 should be enough to get yourself one/two epic slots.

Blizzard promised us that gearing up after hitting level 85 will be a bit longer compared to Wrath’s gearing phase before you can enter raid content (In Wrath you could hit 80 on Monday and raid Naxxramas the next day if you wanted to… You only needed ‘good’ blue gear). So this could mean that it’ll take longer to get some epics from npc’s or that you’ll have to have better gear before considering to step into a raid.


I think the best option for us RestoDudes is just to have a Shroomkin offspec, since spirit will award us hit rating we should be able to kill stuff fast enough even when in heal-ish gear. This way we can gear up as a healer and quest at normal speed, once we’ve hit level 85 we should be ready as a healer gearwise to jump into heroic content (or maybe not?).


With the fact that spirit grants hit rating for Balance Druids our gear should not be that far apart (or it might be worlds apart). I kinda like the combination of Healer/Dps with Resto/Balance. Gearwise I don't know if we'll be that far apart (Resto's will focus on sustaining mana while Moonkins will go for gear that allows higher dps). +Haste will be very important for both specs, the real difference will be in +Critical Strike Rating, +Mastery Rating and +Spirit of course. +Mastery is a bit dodgy for Resto's (tank healers will love it, raid healers might not), +Spirit is only to reach the hit cap for Moonkin yet Balance will need it as a regen stat and I'm guessing that +Crit can benefit both sides equal.

Any Moonkin that knows a bit more about Cataclysm gear and would like to share his/her ideas?


  1. I have an off spec set of gear. If we are getting the spirit / hit thing going, it will be awesome (fingers crossed). I am so ready for the expansion.

  2. Yes, the normal mode dungeons award 70 justice points for the first random of the day. Quest rewards give lower ilevel gear compared to normal mode dungeon bosses and you need i333 gear in most slots to qualify for heroic mode dungeons. (Currently the requirement is i329 average item level; only quest rewards won't get you there.)

    I was easily able to get separate sets of gear for feral and resto specs by the time I reached 85; it should only be easier to get separate sets of resto and moonkin specs.

  3. Hey Moonra,

    Balance and resto gear should be pretty similar. The only difference I see is that resto druids will want as much spirit as they can get, but balance druids will be reforging excess spirit into haste or crit so that they are not too high above hit cap. Leveling with hit is always good as it allows you to kill higher level mobs easier. Also I think many of us will not be getting Justice Points while leveling since we are already at the cap of 4000 and need to spend those before we can get more (as far as I understand). You need mostly level 85 blues before you can do hc dungeons and then 85 hc blues before you can do a raid as far as I know.


  4. +Mastery is the worst stat for moonkins.
    Int is the better one, +Spirit is the second best and +Haste is the third.
    +Crit is the fourth one, but it doesnt mean it isnt good. Just not ideal.
    So, if you wanna share gear between Balance and Resto, is totally doable to level and probably do Heroics. Though wouldnt be advisable for serious raiding.