Healing without addons is like having sex witho... euhm… nevermind. Everyone that wants to heal a group with more members than 5 needs some kind of addon that helps them do their job effective. I will review a few basic addons that I’ve been using for ages now but there are so many different ones available. For more addon fun please visit Curse.com!


A healing frame addon is the very backbone of being an effective healer. Without this you shouldn’t even be thinking about grouping with others! Healing frame addons are the most complicated ones to figure out but this has a very simple reason, all those option are there because you need to be able to set up your healing frame so it fits you style. Here are the most common ones:

Healbot continued: Healbot or ‘hb’ is my favourite! Healbot is an addon that allows you to create a nice set frame with everyone’s current health and mana as well as debuffs or even buffs on the people in your group.

It also allows you to bind spells to your mouse keys in combination with Crtl, Shift and Alt (which makes casting spells so much easier). The thing that I like about Hb is that you can create or set up the settings so that your actual healing frame looks very simple but it can show you all kinds of different things that you need to know (who is mind controlled, what’s the remaining duration on my running HoT’s, etc..).

Healbot can also show you what people are missing buffs which makes it easier not to forget to buff someone. You can find more about Healbot here!

VuhDo: VuhDo is just like Healbot an addon that allows you to create a frame with everyone’s current health and mana as well as debuffs on people in your group. And just like Healbot it allows you to bind spells to you mouse keys in combination with Ctrl, Shift or Alt, which makes casting spells a lot easier.

VuhDo is well known for it different panels that you can create to give you a better view on what’s going on, a good example would be that VuhDo can show you a panel with only the tanks. Healbot cannot do this as far as I know, this is why some people like VuhDo so much because they can move things around easier.

Just like Healbot you can see what people are missing buffs and VuhDo has a panel that lets you buff with one click. You can find more about VuhDo here!

Other options: You also have Grid + Clique, Grid is a healing frame that you can set up just like Healbot and Vuhdo but it doesn’t allow you to bind spells to your mouse keys, this is where Clique comes in. I have never used this combo therefore I cannot say much about it. For more information of Grid you can look here! And for more information on Clique you can look here!

Default Healing Frame: Blizzard upgraded the default raid frames to a far more useful version than we had pre-4.0. Combine this frame with an addon like Clique and you have yourself a very useful, basic healing frame! Optimisation is very low.


Having a boss mod and knowing how to use it is mandatory in any raiding guild that wants to progress. There are a few very efficient boss mods available but the ones I would advice using are either DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs (I’m currently using BigWigs and I’m very happy about is). DeadlyBossMods has a lot of options so you can tweak it to be perfect for you while BigWigs is a lot simpler. For more information about DBM please check here! For more information about BigWigs please check here! I've been told that DXE or Deus Vox Encounters is yet another boss encounter mod that is able to pull it's weight. I haven't used it myself but it seems similar to DeadlyBossMods. For more information on DXE click here!


Rewatch: Thanks to one of the many feedbacks that I've received I have also been notified that the addon Rewatch is worth checking out. It is basically a small addon that tracks Healing over Time spells on people that are in your group. You can fine more information about it here!

DoTimer: This is one of my "few" addons that I love, obviously I don't use this addons to keep track of my Damage over Time spells but I use the cooldown option that the addon offers. It basically shows the icon of a spell on cooldown on my screen and the remaining time that it needs before I can use it again. More on DoTimer can be found here!

Power Auras: Power auras allows you to manually set certain requirements to show various visual effects on your screen. This addons helps to give you a clear view on what buff/debuff is active or what talent proc just activated. World of Warcraft has a standard Power Auras build in so that the most important buffs don't go unnoticed, although it is worth checking this addon out. While healing on my Druid I have found this addon of little use but while tanking or as dps this addon has helped me improve my performance with big chunks! For more information click here!


  1. Instead of DoTimer, try OmniCC, it doesnt add anything extra on your screen. It actually puts a large, visual number on your abilities showing your CD. I've been using this addon since Wrath.

  2. Rewatch is not just a Hot tracker but complete Druid healing add-on. You get all healing/buff-debuff buttons grouped under each player...no need for ctrl/shift combos.
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