Why Did I Go Resto? And Why Should You?

When it comes to Druids I do think that I’m slightly fanatic about the class, I currently have 2 and I’m thinking of making one on another server. I trust bear tanks more than warrior tanks, I enjoy the sight of a Feral dps Druid that beats other melee on dps and the same goes for Moonkins who’re number 1 on every recount addon.

But what I love the most is Restoration! Why you ask? Well it is pretty obvious no? A while ago I received a question when mindlessly running circles in Dalaran (I tend to do that a lot) I was talking to someone about healing and what class he should go for so he asked me why he should pick Druid above the other healer classes.


At first I was scared to try and heal a group of people, I tried it ones on my Druid in BC but even the low level dungeons were a challenge so I quickly went back to my Feral kitty and farmed AV all day long.

When I started raiding (start of Wrath, Naxxramas) as a Moonkin the need for healers was growing, I had a Restoration Shaman geared and ready and switched mains for a short while, Moonra was set to grow old in Darnassus while I enjoyed the wonders of Chainheal. After two months I logged back in on Moonra and I had the feeling like I came home from a long long trip… The Shammy got dumped in Stormwind and I started Treehealing as my dual spec.

Moonkin was my main build until just before I joined Forged by Fury, same old story... Guild was in need of healers and nobody felt like doing something, so for the second time I went healing. At that time the guild was divided in two groups (although everyone said stuff like: this is one guild, not and A & B team) and I was assigned to the ‘B’ team as second RestoDruid.

My time in that group was probably the best moments I had in WoW, the group was tight, everyone knew everyone’s playstyle and attitude. Assignments were rarely made, since everyone know what was expected from them, and it was in this team that I learned to heal as a Druid. I believe the most important part was the friendly environment; there was no pressure, if I made a mistake a few people would whisper me asking why and if they could help.

I was learning to love healing and I had a group that supported me while learning but all good things come to and end. The guild broke after a long struggle to solve certain issues. A lot of members from my team left and after a while I felt that the guild I joined wasn’t there anymore, so I said my goodbyes.

After getting a new pc and an internet connection on my room (no more pc sharing!) I decided that I wanted to raid again, ICC was about to hit live and I would not stop until I had defeated the Lich King! So I joined FbF with the note that I was still new to the whole healing role. It has almost been a year since the day I joined up with FbF and I’m still healing on my Druid, with the same passion!


Back to the core of this topic ;) why would you go for a Druid as healer? Restoration offers a very unique style of healing which is probably why I like Druid so much in the first place. Here are a few points:

Lots of movement is not problem for a Druid, because our main healing output comes from HoT spells we can move around freely while out targets receive a steady flow of health

We are the only class that can revive a dead team member while being in combat

Because of the way HoT spells work, we can heal a lot of people at the same time, in 10mans we can provide healing to everyone in the group for as long as the encounter lasts.

We can adapt to several situation due to shapeshifting and using several ‘non-resto abilities’

Another reason to roll Druid as a levelling healer is that you start with several different spells unlike for example a paladin who only has Holy Light till he reaches 20

The main reason why I believe that Restoration is such a nice way to experience healing is HoT spells, you can move around a lot and you can provide healing to everyone in the group (except 25’s) without losing much healing on the tank or your main targets. You have Innervate which clears mana issues for a big part, Tranquility which is a very powerful cooldown when used right and Nature’s Grasp or Barkskin for when you’re in trouble. And lets not forget prowl in catform (we’re the only healing class with stealth abilities!)


I have several healers as alts, ones I learned how it felt to be a healer it was hard to find any reason to go back dps. I would ask people to get a feel and experience every healing class possible (obviously I’d put Druids first…) and then decide what to pick, I played on my Shaman just because I wanted to try chainheal :) And I play on my Druid because I believe it’s one of the more powerful raidhealers compared to the other classes (personal opinion!).

Just play what you love, that’s all that matters!

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  1. Glad i'm not the only one who runs mindlessly around Dalaran! =P
    I played a resto shaman at the beginning of Naxx in WOTLK, but then switched back to my druid because I missed healing on her. I've tried healing as a disc and holy on my priest, resto on my shaman, and holy paladin (she's not 80 yet!) but I like healing on my druid the best! =)