Tier 11 for RestoDruid and Gnomeregan!

Today we had a chance to take a look at the next tier level and what bonuses it’ll bring along. I scrolled past all the classes because I really wanted to see how Restoration Druid would be healing (Tier bonuses always give a hint about what spells are going to be somewhat important)

I am slightly disappointed to see that BOTH bonuses are focussing on Lifebloom. This feels as if tankhealing will be our prior role in groups (I prefer raidhealing = more dynamic).

The bonuses are:
2T11: increases the critical chance of your Lifebloom's periodic healing by 5%
4T11: when LB is at a maximum stack of 3, you gain 540 spirit (duration is probably until you lose the stack)

The first bonus is purely for tankhealing, since Lifebloom can only be use on one target at a time this spell will mainly be on ‘a’ tank. The second bonus only applies if we keep Lifebloom stacked on someone (probably a tank…) so again it leans a bit towards tankhealing although we could keep it going just AND heal the raid… but then the question would be: do we spend mana in keep LB stacked in order to get 540 spirit (= mana regen). In other words, does the extra regen compensate for the mana we spend in order to gain it?

Note: Tier 7 (first tier in Wrath) also had some tankheal-ish bonuses and Naxxramas wasn’t all to hard when it comes to raid damage. This could mean that the first tier content in Cataclysm might be the same…


I’m seeing this pop up more and more in my blogroll/feed so here I go :). The battle for Gnomeregan has begun! The whole even takes no longer than 30mins max to complete but it’s worth doing it at least ones. I still have to do the Troll/Horde version on my rogue but I’m not in a hurry.

You get a few very nice items that will again demand some bank space (thinks about the last shared topic from FeralTree) and also rewards you with a feat of strength once you have completed the whole questline.

I’m really glad for those lil’ Gnomes… They’re small but brave! I hope they get Gnomeregan back soon… To be continued :)

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