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Another shared topic on Blog Azeroth sparked my interest, this one is from a fellow Druid blogger FeralTree! He asked a very intriguing question which got me thinking... What items or memories have you kept for all this time and of course... why did you do so?

So with this question in mind I thought I'd be a good idea to check the bank and see. I'm a very organised person and I get nervous when my bank/bags are filled and everyone is scattered. So it isn't hard for me to find stuff in the bank since everything useful (food/flasks/etc) is on the right and everything else is one the left (+several bags filled). Everything else such as mats go to my banker's guild.

Now when checking Moonra's bank plus several other alts I found a few things that I just can't seem to delete no matter how useless they are :).

Stormrage Cover: Used to drop on Onyxia 40 (the level 60 classic raid) but since that raid was rebuild into a level 80 version the old head slot is now unobtainable (I think...) So it feels like something special (and I love how it looks) so I can't delete it even though it's worthless!

I also have about three bags filled with all kinds of seasonal and ones in a gametime obtainable crap. Stuff like funny hats, Brewfest Stein's in different colours and even... Bounty of the Harvest... I also keep a bag filled with all kind of tabards from faction to PvP ones... I love to gather thingies :)

But the biggest, most important thing that I've kept on my account for the years that I've played is something that won't fit in a bank or bag, its very much soulbound and I only saw it drop ones in about three years... My Druid! :) I've deleted and made more chars that I can count but I always return to play on my Druid... So I consider him priceless :)

I even made a video about my Tree dancing so in Cataclysm I can /cry over Tree form...

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  1. "Stuff like funny hats.."

    yes yes, hats are important!! and matching clothes! :D rodrigo's hat, the xmas ones, pumpkin hat and bunny circlet to name just a few I love!

    all in all it seems you have your bank in control though hehe, I had a much harder time deciding on my mementos. :)

    nice post!