Group Relations: Protect your Healer!

People have always told me that the most challenging role in World of Warcraft was healing. However ones you get the hang of it it doesn't have to be that hard, it all depends on how your group (and yourself) react to certain situations. As a healer it is your job to help and keep your group alive but as a group it is your task to make sure your healer can do so in the most optimal way!


It does happen from time to time that a situation get out of hand and that the tank and dps lose their control over it. When this happens I always find myself healing more tanks that I should be healing. When spamming heals all over the place my aggro also builds up a bit faster than usual, when the 'real' tanks haven't picked up the running mobs that I'm bound to get some attention... When this happens you have a few options as a RestoDruid to handle the beating and hope that better times are just around the corners :)

Root root hibernate! And of course cyclone... Crowd control is a great way to get some heat away from you and hopefully buy yourself and your group enough time to regain control. Nature's Grasp is one of my favourite, it doesn't break ToL, no cast and roots up to three mobs in place, I'll rarely go out of ToL to root anything unless asked and cyclone only lasts 8 seconds... But cyclone works better against casters or ranged mobs!

Racial skills are also a great addition to our defences, Taurens have War Stomp, which stuns up to 5 targets for 3 seconds. Enough to cast a heal or two or run away and get to a more safer position.
Night Elfs have something even better! Shadowmeld makes you 'more or less invisible' (see it like stealth). It doesn't drop your threat but it 'hides' you from their line of sight so the angry mobs forget about your and hit something else, if Shadowmeld breaks for whatever reason and you still have the most threat on some mobs those mobs will come after you again, so watch out!

Our last option is really our final one :) hit Barkskin and outheal the damage, do this with either Tranquility or by spamming Nourish/Regrowth and hope for the best!


While the tank(s) are running around trying to get control back into their hands the dps classes can help not only the tank but also the healer(s) in order to get as many people out of this situation alive.

Crowd control is again the first option and probably also the best option you have, each class have different abilities and since I'm a main Druid player I do not know all the tricks and stuff that each class has to defend his team players AND himself (remember that saving yourself also saves the healer mana and GCD's)

Another option is misdirecting mobs to the tank (not the healer please). If you know you dps will 'out-threat' the tank than either waiting or misdirecting mobs is a save way to prevent mayhem!


It happens, live with it! Talk to your group and DO NOT start whining and blaming people, everyone ins the group is responsible about the group's success (wise words I know, not mine though :p ). The worst situations are the best playgrounds to learn how to handle your class (those are mine!) so enjoy them and most of all... DO NOT PANIC :)

To be continued! 

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