The Future of HoT's!

I've been reading a lot on blogs/forums and not everyone sees Cataclysm as a good expansion when it comes to RestoDruids, mainly because of people thinking that HoT spells will lose their edge. While it's still early and we don't have any real raid encounters to measure our usefulness I do not believe RestoDruid will be the lesser healing class in Cataclysm.


When you compare us to other healing classes we are rather unique (that's good!). Other healing classes have a range of very interesting spells but most of them require casting while most of our spells do not (except DiscPriest, they own as well). This means that moving is a very low down factor for our healing and we're probably the only healing class that can do our job while running circles around the raid (which I do all the time)


Like I've said multiple times before I haven't been healing since the start of Wrath (/fail on my part) but I can tell you that Druid were a damn good healer to have in many many raids!

Ulduar for one had a decent amount of raid damage that Druids just begged to have a piece of, with the overpowered 4T8 setbonus I would consider us one of the most powerful raidhealer of that content

ToTc was something different, while we were good on one fight we weren't that good on the next. I still don't think ToTc was that good as a raid and the encounters couldn't been a bit more challenging but that's me :)

ICC wasn't all the Druidish, Sadly enough the first time I felt like I could heal like I wanted was on Stinky (and he's trash) and then again on Blood Queen. I really enjoyed my time in ICC but as the Strength of Wrynn buff went up I felt less and less needed or useful which is sad but that's how it is.

RS is a good RestoDruid fight, mainly because of the Twilight Realm. Moving and healing at the same time, does it ring a bell?


Gearwise Wrath of the Lich King was bad if you ask me, with +crit being pretty useless and haste being all the only really benefit for our healing I feel that we got forced to roll not only on haste gear but some guilds don't like to pass cloth to other non cloth classes like us Druids so that because +haste leather... Not much to choose from.


While Wrath had it good time I believe that Cataclysm will have even more for us Druids. A lot of people feel that Blizzard if pushing us away from HoT based healing, even I felt that way at some point. But when you look at everything I wouldn't dare to say that HoT spells will fail in Cataclysm for the following reasons:

HoT's will Crit! And some HoT's (LB and RG) will reward mana to us when they crit so this brings up +crit gear for us steaming HoT healers!

+Haste will give more healing at the same cost and reduce casttime (not HoT duration). If I get this right +haste should give us extra ticks when we have enough, like for example a 15sec Rejuv has 5 tick but with enough haste it'll have 6 tick in a 15sec time frame = more healing, faster.

Mana matters! I do believe that HoT spells are the most mana efficient spells when used right. You can plan and save a lot of mana if you use your spells in the right situation and while other healer need to cast another spell to heal ours keep healing out targets over a set time frame, maybe not as much but still more efficient! Also a good knowledge of the encounter can save you some mana, if you knwo who's going to get his by how much then you can cast the right spell (maybe a bit in advance) rather than spamming the raid with Rejuv's. In overall HoT spells are more mana effective that casts, they can heal a person up from getting hit twice if that person gets hit twice will your spells are on them, you don't have to recast a flash heal each time :)

Talents are still HoT orientated! A lot of our new talents or older rebuild ones are beneficial and promote HoT based healing, so I don't think us Druids will be forces out of the HoT based playstyle!

Mastery! Increases our HoT healing based on the current health % state of our targets, does this sound like a non-HoT playstyle?


We're getting some changes which was needed, +crit and +haste get a bit more balanced, talents and mastery both push towards HoT AND casting, both styles will have their benefits and both raid and tankhealing will be worth trying!

I got inspiration to write about this on Restokin so not all credit goes to myself for this one :) and thank you for visiting my blog while I was on holiday!


  1. HoTs will definitely continue to flavour our spells and our healing...certainly a large quantity of the new talents are boosting our HoTs. It really is too early to tell sufficiently just how our heals will work, particularly in terms of mana cost. I'm actually not bothered by the increased mana cost of Wild Growth, as really I feel too many druids spam Rejuv and WG and do nothing else, despite having an arsenal of extremely effective spells. I'm quite keen on the potential boosts to our tank healing arsenal, and the change to lifebloom (refreshing from Nourishes et al) will definitely have me using the spell a lot more on my tanks.

    I've found healing as a druid to be fun in all of the Wrath content, largely due to our flexibility. ICC is a great example of this - I find myself changing how I heal not only each encounter but often during single fights as well. A fight like Festergut, for example, I'll be keeping an eye on the tanks during the first two inhales of Blight while mostly covering healing the raid, but the second Festergut hits that third inhale, raid damage is significantly reduced and the tank is taking massive, fast hits, so my focus switches from the raid to tank healing - Nourishing and HoTing the tank. Then there's a few second breather on the tank as Festergut stops to cast Pungent Blight, so I can pounce on that to start preemptively HoTting the raid for the big burst that's incoming to the raid.

    I'm really hoping that the changes in Cata will both encourage druids (and all healers) to look at and use their full arsenal of spells, and encourage greater thought as to which spells they can use and what they need to prioritise, with the changes in mana regen. All the healing classes at the moment can get away with spam healing without much (or any) thought, really, as mana is so rarely a problem anymore, and it would definitely be nice to see thought back in healing for everyone.

  2. I think most people underestimate the power that +crit will bring to out HoT spells, even a low crit% will boost our healing in a major way

  3. Yes - I know I loved my tier9 bonus both for the increased Nourish crit and for the Rejuv crits. That haste and crit will now be inherent in our HoTs will be brilliant. The Rapid Rejuv glyph never grew on me, mainly because of it ending our Rejuvs earlier, but with just increased tick rate (and increased ticks) without a decrease in duration, the haste on the hots will be great as well.
    Fast HoTs that can crit... loving it :D

  4. Could you explain a little better what you mean with "saving mana with hots when you use them in the right situation". It's probably my limited experience but I just can't picture how you "plan your hots" well.

  5. Well this comes is several ways, the first one is what most healers will have to learn and that is to not use regrowth when rejuv does a better job, right now we can spam whatever with the high mana regen and we barely care about how much we spend on each spell and what kind of healing we get in return. If you level a RestoDruid by healing only and you're doing it in green/blue gear you'll soon find out what each spell can do and if you can afford it to spam.

    second part is what I've said, HoT spells are very efficient in a way that they heal small/decent amounts of healing over a set time frame. One spell like Rejuv can heal a dps up twice if they get hit twice in a row, while other healers might have to use two spells that cost the same mana amount as out simple but effective Rejuv

    last bit is using a boss mod to determine who's going to get hit and how much they're going to get hit, this helps you 'pre-hot' those targets and only those targets and if you know the amount of dmg they'll get you can cast a spell that handles that amount of dmg best

    ty for that question, its good to know when i'm writing something that isn't all to clear for some people, i'll add this bit in my article as well!