Shared Topic: A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Another shared topic idea on Blog Azeroth that came from Nenunial, who's a bit of a WoW artist! It inspired me to write about something common that, with the coming of a Cataclysmic event, is threated to extinction.

Every single RestoDruid out there knows what I'm talking about, when the news spread many people were disappointed, some saw this as the changing point of there entire class while other saw it as a needed change. Yes, I'm talking about the plans Blizzard has to remove Tree of Life as a shapeshift and turning it into a cooldown.


I am against it, yes we could use a cooldown for troubled times but not this way. The Druid class was build around the whole 'shifting' thing, A Moonkin is a Moonkin, A Cat is a Cat and a Bear is a Bear so why should Tree's be different?

I know that some people say that ToL looks hideous, then don't play it? I think it looks funny, people joke about it but I like that, it makes my Druid different from every other class in the game.

Cataclysm brings more than just the removal of ToL as a shift and I'll have to wait and see it before I can say if I still like Restoration or not but one thing is certain... Restoration Druids will never be the same again...


  1. Totally know how you feel! I'll miss ToL too. :( I personally don't understand why it is a big deal in the first place, when we're healing we're looking at health bars, not our gear so who cares about how tree form looks (I think it's rather cute!).

  2. Yes I found there statement about how Druids can't enjoy the looks of there gear pretty bollocks, T9 anyone? No I'm not a rogue!

    Can't do much about it tho :)

  3. I'm not happy about the ToL change either. I am somewhat bemused by those who hate the form and yet still play it - I don't play boomkin, partly because I just don't find it as fun, but also partly because I can't stand moonkin form!
    I love my little tree and will be very sad to see it go. I'm hoping GC will go ahead with the possibility of the minor glyph to keep the cosmetic appearance of the form in Cata. It would be some consolation.

    Good screenshot!

  4. You know, this is the saddest picture ever. I played a diehard tree last xpac.

  5. *sigh* Though not a druid, I have many friends who are. The tree form is absolutely so cute, and deserves to stay on Azeroth!
    I love the picture!

  6. You know, I'm really sad that I (probably) won't get to experience one of my own toons as a tree. I do have a druid that's around 40 and could dual spec to get the tree, but I've always wanted her to stay feral, and I'm not sure it's worth it to buy dual spec. We'll see, though. We'll see.

  7. @Mishaweha: levels your Duduhealers fast! :) then do /dance and you'll know why Tree will be missed!