How to Druid in random dungeons..

You could say my main is taking a bit of a vacation from all the farming and hard labour. But while my main only sees the inside of ICC my alt hunter is pushing hard to level up. And with the random dungeon finder I come across a lot of druids, which of course spark my curiosity. When its nice to see some decent geared and specced druids I have come across some that looked/played and most of all acted horrible.

I try to pug as often as I can on my hunter and the attitude of some people is just so bad that even after a 30min+ queue I still leave without hesitation.

So please, you don’t have to give people gifts to play with you but somewhat of a general friendly approach helps the group more than the QQ I see sometimes, most people who point there finger at others for making a mistake are in general those who aren’t really sure about what they are doing in the first place. In a PuG people are there with their alts and in most cases they are there to have fun while learning how to handle their class.

Back to the druid business!


You might have been able to tank DM with caster gear but that style doesn’t last long, get dual spec (1k gold) and get some gear if you’d like to tank.

As a cat you should also know where your survival cooldowns are on your actionbar, also sharing Innervate, using Rebirth and switching to bear form when the tank goes down show others that you know what you’re doing and that you’re using your class to the fullest of its potential. Things like that get noticed!


Do NOT brag about your dps on trash when 60% or more of the damage is done by starfall…

Use CC like roots or cyclone when the healer gets in trouble (or anyone else for that matter). Again using any ability that can benefit the group is better than just using Wrath and Starfire so you’d look good on recount.

Use Barkskin (or Shadowmeld is you’re and Nelf, stun as Tauren) when you pull agro (it happens on a lucky Lunar proc :p). I have to whisper people about this every time and I get the answer ‘ I was to busy killing stuff ‘. Be smart..


Try to save Innervate for boss fights, if you need mana while going through the trash then speak up and say so!

When you have agro then again, use Shadowmeld of stun. Nature’s Grasp is also a very good tool in those situations.

Don’t refresh HoTs that are still running, you’ll save loads of mana!

(here I go again) use CC if you see someone’s in trouble, it’ll be more mana efficient than spamming a flash heal!


Use recount or any other data recording addon to see what you could change or improve. Don’t use it to boost your own ego and link it after every trash pull, if people ask for it then in general they have it as well but they just want everyone to notice how ‘good’ they are. In randoms and while levelling you can’t measure damage or dps, since not everyone is on the same level and has the needed talentpoints.


Do not, by any chance, or even try to use that awful word in a levelling dungeon, if you did before then stop doing so…

GS can be useful, yet it brings great evil along with it!

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